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EOS R6 Viewfinder Lag with Back Button AF


I was shooting yesterday with my R6. Looking through the viewfinder before taking a pic I have back button AF I would click it and hold the shutter halfway to reduce press time. My EVF would lag pretty bad, it looked like I was watching 10fps through the live screen on the EVF. I did not get a chance to look at my screen to see if it did the same thing. I heard of blackout but this is not it. This was showing me the view through the lens and it seemed like it dropped frames pretty bad. It did this about 4-5 times through a 4hr session or so with about 500 photos but It was enough to get me worried and hopefully nothing is wrong with my R6. This hasn't happened before and I might take out my camera this weekend to see if this keeps happening. Has anyone had this happen?



Here’s my suggestion.  Stop pressing both buttons.  The point of BBF is that it removes the need to press the Shutter until you want to fire the shutter.


"The right mouse button is your friend."