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EOS R5 HDR problem...


When using the HDR menu option the shots randomly do not work properly in DPP when trying to composite the HDR shots.


I receive the following message:


"Note: Automatic alignment is available with images of the same size."


I almost always shoot HDR's handheld so I need to auto align them...


Is there a way around this using DPP? I really want to composite these shots using DPP and not Lightroom!


Please help!



Are the images the same size?  How well aligned are they?


On my 6D2, if set up a bracketed exposure, continuous drive shooting mode, and then set the shutter delay timer, the camera will fire off the entire bracketing sequence without any further intervention on my part.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yes, everything is the same size, they're RAW images after all!


On the EOS R5 there is of course AEB, but they also added a new HDR mode. It's basically the same as AEB except it will make an HDR .jpg of the 3 exposures in-camera. What is kind of cool about it is that you can set the under/over exposure amount to "auto" and it will determine whether to use 1, 2, or 3 stops of exposure bracketing based on the scene. 


It turns out that some of the CR3's shot using the HDR mode won't composite in DPP with "Auto Align" checked. Most of them do, but 4 or 5 sets in about 30 just keep reporting that the images aren't the same size...


Anyway, seems like it might be a bug and I just have to use Lightroom for these shots. Of course Lightroom has no problem aligning and compositing the images because there isn't anything wrong with them! The only issue is, in my opinion, the results look better out of DPP.


Thanks for trying!



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