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EOS R Photos Wont Show Up On my COMPUTER from SD Card.. HELP NEEDED ASAP!


So I did a photoshoot of a clients home yesterday afternoon, im plugging them into my computer this morning using a 256GB sandisk card that i transferred into this new camera from my old camera. This is my first time using this camera. its an EOS R. and when i click playback on the camera the photos are there. but when i use the wifi app or plug in my SD card they arent. What do I do! (I have a mac BTW) 




General observations and suggestions for best practices.  

Cards if compatible can be moved between cameras, but its always wise to format a card in-body prior to use.  Full size cards should be used.  Micro or adapted cards are unreliable.

The images display on your camera.  What to you mean by " when i use the wifi app or plug in my SD card they aren't".

Does your MAC have a card reader? or are you simply using a USB cable to connect the camera?

What version of MAC OS?

What application are you trying to view the images in.  DPP, Image Capture, etc?

Wi-Fi (Canon Connect App).  Is a connection between the camera and smart phone being made?

Can you control the camera?

Bay Area - CA

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If your Mac has an external port (some don't) buy a card reader and try it. Next option is to try another computer preferable a Windows machine with a USB port. Use the card reader.

If the images show on your camera, they are still there on the SD card. Do not use this SD card any further. Do nothing to it until you get the photos off. Actually remove it from the camera right now.

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What was your old camera? Did you format the card in the camera?

If you connect the camera with a USB cable, you can try running image capture.


I am not certain what you mean by the photos are not there on your SD card. Do you mean that Finder does not show them?

Is the SD card mounted under /Volumes ? When I put a SD card from my camera into the card reader on my mac, the photos are at /Volumes/EOS_DIGITAL/DCIM/100CANON/

I can copy one of the photos to my current working directory in terminal by "cp -i -pX /Volumes/EOS_DIGITAL/DCIM/100CANON/IMG_1048.CR3 .".


Does your mac ordinarily show an icon for the card when you put it in the card reader? Is the card detected by the mac?

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