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EOS 6D Mark II AF on screen information



I have a Canon EOS 6D MKII 

I just connected my digital camera into PC via videograbber using HDMI mini (type C) 

Is it possible to disable on screen information AF method during Live View? I need it because I want to grab this screen without any information on screen. I just simple pushed INFO button three times to disable menu and Histogram information but frame of AF is still visible. I found that when I'm swithing to the Manual focusing mode, AF frame disapear, but I need to have AF while grabbing process. Could you help me to disable this on screen information? 



I’m afraid you’re out of luck.  The 6D2 does not feature “Clean HDMI” output.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

However, I just remembered.  There is a menu option to enable/disable the AF point display in the OVF.  I do not know of that setting has any effect on Live View.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Sad news. I decided to switch to manual autofocus to off this frame. I already know about Canon Web Utility Pro which could help me to off all. Unfortunately its not available for european users if I readed correctly. I would love to buy subscription and use this software. Canon support could you let me know when you plan to sell this software for european users? Best.



The EOS WebCam Utility is available for Europe:

Canon EOS Webcam Utility Software - Canon Europe (

Not sure this will solve your issue, but did see it was mentioned above.  

***Also, Waddizzle is correct the only way to get "Clean HDMI out" without a focus box is to disable AF.  The WebCam Utility should help.

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It's a good solution, but partially. Canon EOS Webcam Utitlity Software available in Europe isn't a PRO version available in USA. European version can't provide me full HD from my Camera. Only PRO version gives full HD and other usefull abilities. I'm resident in Poland and I can't buy and use PRO verson. I tried to ask people form Canon Polska, when this PRO version will be available in my country. They didn't aswer clearly. They sugested to ask support in USA. 

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