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EOS-1D X Custom White Balance Question


Using my 1DX, I can set up a custom white balance (CWB) and I can reference a picture taken for such CWB. I am trying to understand if I use the Photovision Calibration Target (White, Gray, Black) and checking my histogram for 3 distinct peaks, is my Canon calibrating for also the Whites and Blacks or only taking into account the Gray? Is the CWB have a different algorithm to calibrate for all 3 or is the White and Black for my reference only?




No, you would still need to match things up manually.

The  Color Checker system can do that.for you automatically.  I use it to match colors between different cameras.  It creates a Lightroom Plug-in that identifies your camera as a color profile.  Where you would normally see “Adobe Standard”, I see the name of the camera.


"The right mouse button is your friend."


Thanks Waddizle.

I do this often with the CWB often with my Photovision target. However, I am curious if the Canon sees all 3 colors or only still references just one? I use the Color Checker you suggested for even finer color reproduction.

Anybody knows what is the Canon doing on the CWB and the Photovision? Thanks

I don't know for sure, but I think it would just be averaging everything within the scene.  For CWB, I've only ever completely filled the frame with a gray card.

Or, for interesting creative effects, use a gel on a flash (e.g. Color Temperature Blue) and fill the frame with some lit object.  In that case, it will "neutralize" the blue so that the lit object is now at a neutral color balance, but all its surroundings are now very warm.


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