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Does anyone know if the Canon EOS M3 offers clean HDMI out?


If not. Which model in a similar price range does? I need to be able to output clean 1080p via HDMI and the camera must have a micrphone input.


I don't think you can. At the very least you are going to get the red tally dot.

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We did a shoot today with two cameras, one recording internally and the other recording on an Atomos.   The atomos footage came out with a darker exposure, but post production we adjusted it. The two results are very similar, but it does look like the Atomos has a little more data,  and I am guessing that with postproduction work the Atomos footage will come out a little better.   Pixels that were blown out on the camera recording seem were not blown out on the Atomos.    


But....The issue we have now is that the camera LCD screen on the Canon EOS M3 shuts off at 3 minutes (that is the longest setting possible).  When the camera LCD shuts off, the HDMI shuts off.   Then the Atomos says "no input detected".   Hence, we are limited to recordings of 3 mintues.   If we turn the LCD back up, by pressing the shutter button, an overlay appears.  In any case, the whole purpose of having this Atomos recorder was to mount the camera in a place where we can't  reach it.


So we are at  an impass.   Any advise?  Chris

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Probably not. Most low end Canons simply mirror the LCD.

Does this mean that if I turn of all the icons and info on the lcd, I will get "clean hdmi"?

I don't think you can. At the very least you are going to get the red tally dot.

Thank you for your help!


I'm getting a clean HDMI with my canon eos m3 and Atomos blade.   It is clean in the sense that I dont' see any of the information overlays.   I turned off all the information with the controls on the Camera.  I don't see the red record button.  However, the fps on the Atomos is 60 and it can't be changed.  I don't know yet if my recording on the Atomos is compressed, but as long as the quality is as good as the files I get with my m3 camera itself, then I'm happy.  I only bought the external monitor because I have a camera mounted where I can't easily reach it to start record.     I bought this Atomos without even understanding what "clean HDMI" meant, and now I'm hoping I can salvage the situation.

So you can record from the HDMI port without showing any information overlays? Is the output 1080p?

Yes.  This is a Canon EOS M3 and an Atomos recorder.   I've read in many places that this shouldn't be possible, but I did a quick test.  As far as I can see, there is no information overlay.  I turned the information off at the camera.   I loaded it into Premier Pro, and Premier Pro says it is 1080p.   My concern is about the quality of the HDMI data.  I don't expect to get anything better than the in-camera recorder, but if it is as good, then I'm very happy.  On monday I do a full test with lights and two cameras for comparison.  I'll post here what I find.


(I paid $600 for this Atomos before I read that this shouldn't be possible.   I'll be very relived if I haven't wasted my $600.)

I'll just shut up and slink away quietly then...

Hey, no need to be embarrassed.  I went to the Atomos website and it's list of supported cameras doesn't include any low end Canon cameras like mine.  I'm still expecting to find some reason why my plan is ruined.   Early next week I will report here my results.