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Dark images in Manual mode with 2 Broncolor strobes



I'm trying to shoot some products with my Canon 70D and 2 Broncolor strobes (firing in full power) in camera Manual mode.
These are my exposure settings:
Shutter speed 1/100 sec.
I use my internal camera flash to trigger strobes and they fire correctly.
But my photos get dark randomly in same setting!!! For example in these images I use the exact same setting but only in different distances from product!
The exposure level indicator shows a small arrow downside -3 mark.
The other problem is that camera does not allow me to adjust shutter speed more than 1/250 sec. and I'm so confused!
Is there anything wrong with my camera or evaluation system? Or it's just me doing things wrong?
FYI I know I can use other modes and you know, any other things you would advice, but please just answer my questions!


" Of course that leaves open the question of why it sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't." 


Of course.  What randomly occuring event is making the difference?  My guess is lighting.  I would be very interested in knowing the exposure settings in the two sample pictures, as well as the camera and flash modes that were used.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


I'm a little puzzled here.  If you set everything to manual with fixed flash power, fixed Av, Tv and ISO and I assume your strobes can't do ETTL...wouldn't it get darker when you move further away from the flash source?  Light loss is distance squared, right  ?(double the distance, 4 times the flash power).  If your flash can do ETTL, I guess it did not have enough power for the distance you had.

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