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Canon T7i and below freezing temps


I just got a T7i a few days ago and I’m dying to take it outside. Today is a few degrees below freezing, and the minimum operating temp for the T7i is listed at 0C/32F.

I’ve seen lots of posts saying to make sure you bring extra batteries and keep one warm in your pocket, but does anyone know if there would be an issue taking my camera out when it is colder than its minimum operating temperature? I couldn’t find any posts for this camera specifically. The last thing I want to do is damage it in any way by exposing it to cold weather.



No worries about damaging your camera. What you will see is lower battery life and, depending on how cold, sluggish or darkened LCD display - which will return when camera warms up.


Be careful when bringing camera into a warmer environment. Be sure to put in in a camera bag or a ziploc bag to prevent moisture from condensing on the camera, or worse, on lens surfaces (especially internal surfaces). It will eventually evaporate in a warm setting, but camera use while that happens is hindered.


I've used my T5i in single digit F temps with no problem.

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Go use your camera and don't give it a thought.  Depending on how long you will be in the cold tells whether you need extra batteries.  You may not unless you are out there a long time.


BTW, I have never taken any special cautions with my cameras. Inside or out. Do as you like but mine have never failed.

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I live in a colder area where we see -30 C often in winter so take a few extra steps than some of you might. A quick search found several articles about winter care & this one doesn't seem to violate forum link policies.

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