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Canon T6i Loses Connection When Connected to Desktop + AC Adapter


Please... I'm trying to connect my camera to my pc to record some lessons, but it won't work with the AC Adapter.

I've connected it using batteries just fine. 

But I've recently bought an AC adapter because it's pretty annoying to have the camera turn off because the battery died in the middle of the video.


I've tried eveyrthing that I could and knew but nothing helped.

I've tried connect it to my Macbook pro but it also didn't help.

I tried with MAC connected to the power plug and disconnected..


Is there something I'm missing?




Is the AC adapter Canon branded?  I know there are 3rd party adapters available.  Sometimes when you use non OEM equipment with your gear, unexpected behavior results. 


Your description isn't clear, works on battery, but not with the adapter, then you state I cannot connect it to my MAC (but that didn't help)?


Whatrs working and what's not?


Are you using the EOS WebCam Utility?


Another software? 


It would be helpful if you can provide a complete picture of your environment, the equipment and software you are using.  What you did, and what happens when you did it, so we can try to help.  Telling us you tired everything, doesn't give us much to go on I'm afraid.



Bay Area - CA

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You are probably losing the connection because the AC adapter it closing a ground loop between the camera and the computer.  This could be the fault of the AC adapter, or the USB cable connection to the computer.


If you are not using a genuine Canon AC Adapter, then I suggest you use one.  If the connection to the Mac it going through a USB port expander, or and and Peter, then that could be an issue.  


However, I really do not understand what you mean by "trying to connect my camera to my PC to record some lessons."


Are you trying to record the video output?  Are you making the connection to the PC with an HDMI cable?  I do not understand what you are attempting to do.  It almost sounds like you need a camcorder, not a DSLR.

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