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Canon SL3 wont turn on


I bought a used camera on ebay (supposedly used a few times) but it didnt came with a battery, so i bought one on amazon (random brand ),  the camara worked great when i try it, but a few days later i turn it on, work for a few minuts, then the screen frezze and a buch of lines came on, couldn´t do anything, so i turn it off and the screen was steel on,  i took the battery out, and now... the camera doesn´t turn on,

I was using an old micro SD card with an adapter , the camara frezze when i was watching the old photos of the SD card, (now i know i dont have to use a micro SD)

i already try to leave the camera with out accesories for 8 hours, and didnt work, and try the tip of pressing the shoting button for 15 secs... PLEASE HELP :C


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Are you sure that your battery is good and is holding a charge?

well am not sure, i bought 2 of the same brand, they show green light of full charge but i havent try another brand... 

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Can you return the camera?

Unfortunately for me, its not refundable. :C

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Try removing the lens, SD card and adapter and try powering up the camera with these items removed.

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