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Canon Rebel T7 won’t read memory card


My T7 won’t read any memory card to format. Brand new camera it did snap a few photos but  stop reading. Is there a fix 



The Rebel T7 and high capacity SDXC Sd cards, 64 GB or greater, do not play well together.  I recommend that you only use U3, UHS-I, SDHC SD cards, 32 GB or smaller.  Be sure to low level format the memory card in the camera prior to first use.

[EDIT} Under no circumstances use the micro-SD cards, which require a plastic adapter.

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 this is the card I’m using but i switched to. The previous was the same brand but larger. So i went smaller but same outcome(card cnt be read)  Should i go smaller. 

I suggest that you try a new memory card.  I have doubts about the source and authenticity of your memory card.  The manufacturer does not seem to carry that specific model.  Perhaps it is an older discontinued model? 

I do not recommend buying memory cards fron online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

I recommend that you try a Canon Factory Authorized Dealer like B&H.

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Please follow @Waddizzle (Bill's) suggestion. Those Rebel series cameras don't like SDXC (64GB or larger) SD cards for some reason. They will cause the camera to hang and lock up for no reason. After switching to SDHC (32GB) or smaller SD Cards the problem goes away. Also avoid using micro SD Cards in an adapter. If your camera was designed to take them natively. An adapter wouldn't be needed at all. Stick with reputable and well known SD Card brands such as Lexar, SanDisk & Prograde Digital. Stick with a reputable company when purchasing cards. Amazon marketplace IS NOT A REPUTABLE store. Stick to electronic stores, local camera shops, B&H Photo NY & Adorama. Online marketplaces ARE NOT REPUTABLE. Buy multiple smaller SD Cards not large cards. The last thing you want is your card to fail and you lose all of your pictures. Using multiple smaller SD cards prevents this from happening. 


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First off, my only guess to help Cnrutland is to go through the camera menus and first "Clear all Settings".  Then take the battery out of the camera and wait maybe 30 minutes and/or charge the battery before doing anything else.  Then reinsert the battery and see if you can do a low level format of a full size SD Card.  It would be wise to follow Waddizzle and deebatman316's recommendations on card type, size and brands to be safe.

Being superstitious, I'm reluctant to say this because doing so may jinx me, but I have the same camera and have broken every "rule" that was stated in the 2 above posts.  However (fingers crossed) I haven't had a problem. 

I've used micro SD cards with an adapter (for a very short time until I picked up a full size ONN brand 32mb SD card at Walmart) and have been using 64mb and 128mb Sandisk Ultra SDXC cards picked up from Amazon.  All without any problems.  The first thing I did before using any of the cards I mentioned was a low level format of the card as recommended in the camera's manual.  After reading other posts the T7 and SD Card compatibility, I'm thanking my lucky stars, crossing my fingers and looking for a lucky charm to keep in the camera bag!  

Additionally, I'm trying to be cautious and perhaps being a bit paranoid, I copy the photos on the card to the cloud or other media periodically and low level format the cards before reinserting and reusing the SD cards again. However I started doing this before reading about T7 card compatibility issues.  Backing things up is always a good practice.  

Like I said, I'm superstitous and try to be cautious and hope this post doesn't mysteriously put an end to my "good luck".

I suspect his memory card could be a counterfeit.  He needs try a different memory card.  Those are not for sale anywhere that I can find, not even from the manufacturer. 

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