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Canon R6 error 20


Hello I have a 3-year-old Canon R6 it has been well taken care of. Lately, when the camera has been left untouched for a couple of hours it prompts a message with error 20. When I press the shutter it goes away, if I shut down and turn on the camera the error doesn't show back. It only appears if the camera has not been turned on in a while. I use only first-party batteries. Also, I use L series RF lenses. 2 128gb SanDisk Extreme Pro. And the camera rests on a dry cabinet. 

Aside from leaving the camera unattended, I can't recreate the conditions of the error, and since it only happens the first time I turn it on it didn't gave me the chance to read what the error was. Tested put 4 different Canon LP-E6NH including its original battery but no message was displayed. Tested all shooting modes, shutter modes and dial mode but no error arose. 

Is that a precursor to a shutter issue that would end with its replacement or I should brush it up to software and maybe ignore it until it becomes a persistent problem?



You could check the firmware update history on Canon's support site to see whether this is a known "glitch" that was corrected via a firmware update. 

It probably isn't firmware related and I would choose a time when you don't need your camera for a couple of weeks and arrange for Canon to repair it before this turns into a hard failure at an inopportune time.


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