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Canon R3 a series of unusable images


I took roughly 1400 images and 25 looked like this. I was shooting in RAW writing to both cards. Canon R3 with ver 1.2.2. Haven't seen the issue again. Does anyone know what happen here?IMG_1597.jpg




Green cast is often an issue with white balance, but you have colored lines as well which is often related to the memory card.

I'd start by inspecting my gear.  Lenses and mounts, contacts etc.  Next I'd reformat my card(s) in camera.  If one card has an issue and you are writing to both, a problem on one card could be transferred to another card.  It might not hurt to fully reset the camera's settings during troubleshooting.  You can save the existing settings so a reconfig isn't painful should you find a problem elsewhere.  The last thing it might be is the sensor, but I would rule this out starting with the other items first.  

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OBSERVATION:  The lines seem to only appear on the darker areas of the image.  The white ice almost seems saturated to the point of being blown out.

ASSUMPTION:  in an attempt to not completely blow out the whites, the dark areas wound up being underexposed to the point where you can see sensor noise.

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You could give canon a call at 1-800-OK-CANON. 

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Nothing wrong with checking in with Canon Support.  

Seeing how the issue only appeared on 25 images out of 1400+ images, I am less inclined to suspect a hardware issue.  The OP also reported the issue has not returned.  I’m curious to see EXIF data and other examples of the issue.

[EDIT] Added histogram image


"The right mouse button is your friend."


I see there is a newer firmware than what is in your camera. Ver. 1.3.0 was released last month. I don't know what it addresses or if it would help, but might be worth a try.

If that or some of the other suggestions here don't solve the problem, I'd be getting in touch with Canon support about it.


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