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Canon EOS R successor


Dear Sir,

would it be possible to consider the creation of a 30+ megapixel EOS R mirrorless camera to succeed and replace the 30.4 megapixel EOS R.

i have tried the EOS R5 several times and considered purchasing it however it has a micro HDMI port instead of the mini HDMI port of the EOS R, and there was significant bad press about overheating during video mode.

Canon currently has the 45 megapixel EOS R5, the 24 megapixel R3 and R6 Mark ii, the 26 megapixel RP, and the 20 megapixel R6. it seems as if there is a gap in the lineup in terms of a moderate, i.e. 30+ megapixel camera.

Could Canon consider using a similar design language as the R5 and the R in terms of top LCD display and no control or PASM dial? whether or not there is a joystick or a scroll wheel is not quite so important though probably desirable.

i currently own a 5D Mark iv and an EOS R as well as a 5D Mark ii and two f2.8 RF zooms (15-35mm and 24-70mm) and an f4.0 RF zoom (10-20mm), as well as a Canon C70 for video.


i was wondering about the Canon EOS R1 as there are rumors about its imminent release. the R3 is 24 megapixels and the current R5 is 45 megapixels. if the R1 were to focus on speed and high frame rate like most of the 1 series cameras, then would it not be possible that it may have a resolution higher than the 24 megapixels of the R3 to differentiate it but lower than the 45 megapixels of the current R5. in other words, Canon may already have developed a sensor suitable in megapixel count for the EOS R successor


I also would like to see a second generation EOS R. Just beef it up where AF technology allows and very conservatively keep it what it is, a truly wonderful camera.