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Canon EOS R successor


Dear Sir,

would it be possible to consider the creation of a 30+ megapixel EOS R mirrorless camera to succeed and replace the 30.4 megapixel EOS R.

i have tried the EOS R5 several times and considered purchasing it however it has a micro HDMI port instead of the mini HDMI port of the EOS R, and there was significant bad press about overheating during video mode.

Canon currently has the 45 megapixel EOS R5, the 24 megapixel R3 and R6 Mark ii, the 26 megapixel RP, and the 20 megapixel R6. it seems as if there is a gap in the lineup in terms of a moderate, i.e. 30+ megapixel camera.

Could Canon consider using a similar design language as the R5 and the R in terms of top LCD display and no control or PASM dial? whether or not there is a joystick or a scroll wheel is not quite so important though probably desirable.

i currently own a 5D Mark iv and an EOS R as well as a 5D Mark ii and two f2.8 RF zooms (15-35mm and 24-70mm) and an f4.0 RF zoom (10-20mm), as well as a Canon C70 for video.



i have been doing Adobe Lightroom Photo Merges and i find that the 30.4 megapixels of the EOS R and 5D Mark iv are an optimum resolution.

i have merged between 24 and 50 individual images and in one case 70 images and find that if the resolution is too high, e.g. with my 36.3 megapixel Nikon D810, the merges are often unsuccessful.

for individual photographs, i believe that the 24 megapixels of the other EOS R cameras (R3, R6 Mark ii & R8) might be too low as i print up to 20" x 30" and for my photo merges up to 24" x 36" 

What version of Ps,Lr are you using?  Are you creating panoramic images or focus stacks?

Your conclusions about the significance of file size and resolution are inconclusive and incorrect.  I use Adobe to merge files from cameras ranging from the 1D4 to the 6D2.  I have yet to try to merge images with a 50MP 5Dsr.  But, I do not expect any issues.

If your merges are failing, then it has little to nothing to do with resolution of the original images.  Your merges are failing for other reasons.

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i found that with my Nikon D810 (36.3 mp), i was able to photo merge in general about 34 images successfully. i did multiple photo merges and that was the median maximum number of images.

with my Fujifilm X-T4 and X-Pro 2, a 26 megapixel and 24 megapixel camera respectively, it was as if i had unlimited photo merges but for my two 30.4 megapixel Canons, i did reach a ceiling somewhere.

in that sense i suspect that a 45 megapixel camera such as my D850 or an EOS R5 or even a Nikon Z8 or Z9 (or a 47 megapixel Leica SL2) might have issues with multiple photo merge images.

on the other hand, i noticed that when i used my 5D Mark ii (22.1 megapixels) to print my 20" x 30" images from a commercial printer, and indeed my 30.4 megapixel Canons, i felt as if the images could be slightly sharper as compared to my D810 images.

in other words, i would by preference stay clear of a 24 megapixel and probably 26 megapixel full-frame sensor and choose something at 30 megapixels or above though those would probably be suitable for APS-C.


I believe both the EOS R and RP will not have upgraded re-releases.   Canon has released far too many new R-Series bodies to hold out hope for that expectation.

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The earliest we'll see something would be 2025. Currently Canon covered everything from entry level (EOS R8) to midrange (R6II) and high-end (R5, R3), with a successor to the R5 coming soon. I'm not sure if Canon gives a sh** about Sony but I think it would be a good idea to have a midrange model that can rival Sony A7IV's resolution. Even if 30MP is not that much more than 24MP, I always thought it's a sweet spot between ultra-high res and mediocre 24MP. If the EOS R6II was 30MP it would have been the perfect camera for me. 


i was at the local Canon Customer Care Centre to bring my 5D Mark iv in for a part replacement and amongst other things that i was told by the technician, i was told that the new Canon R5 Mark ii would likely not be sold alongside the current Canon R5 Mark i which they would likely discountinue manufacturing. secondly, i was told that it might not be likely for a 30+ megapixel Canon EOS R successor as a 30+ megapixel sensor might not be suitable for 8K video capture which is becoming commonplace. i do hope that Canon can reconsider this as 30+ megapixels seems to be the optimum for me and there is currently a gap in the resolution choices of EOS R cameras from (previously 20), 24, 26 and 45 megapixels. Sony's A7C and A7C Mark ii fill this gap in their lineup however i prefer Canon colours and ergonomics. if that is the case, there might be an even greater megapixel gap should the EOS R5 be discontinued.

Customer center employees don't know what's happening in Japan behind the scenes. I don't think the R5 will be discontinued that quickly. As you know, the original EOS R and also the RP are still being sold, as well as the EOS R6 although it already has a successor. But you're right, there's nothing to fill the gap between 24 and 45 megapixels and not everybody cares about 8K video.


I was hoping for a 33-36MP 5D mkV (which never happened of course).  I'd do fine with that.  At the time all I wanted was 4K 60.  I do agree a 35MP 4k camera would sell.

I was coming from a 6D2.  I was never impressed (enough) with the R or RP.  R - The touch bar, 4k crop and battery life.  The RP was too small and lacked a top body LCD which I prefer.  I never gave either a chance.   Instead, we got the R6 and R5, prompting me to wait further.  

All of these cameras went on and did very well.  I'm happy I waited for the R5 C.  Its not perfect either, no camera is.  I don't think we will see a mid 30's MP sensor for reasons already mentioned.  24, 45 or larger (and 8k) seems to be what we'll get.  

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The 5Ds and 5Dsr had 1.6x and 1.3x crop modes.  The R5 does not have a 1.3x crop mode.


It would have been nice to have included it in the R5.  Maybe they still can.  Sony frame rates have been abysmal.  They are probably great camera bodies for news journalists, but not for any type of action photography.

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