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Canon EOS 70D/80D Changing a Scene mode after an image has been taken


I have a 70D and 80D camera. I accidently changed the scene setting from landscape to Mini mode. I was fortunate to take some beautiful images of a Big Horn Ram. Unfortunately, they didn't turn out as expected because the upper and lower portions of the images are blurred since I took them in the 'wrong' mode. Is there anyway to adjust the image out of Mini mode? I inserted a basic copy of the image. It's unfinished due to size restriction for adding to this post. But, the upper/lower fuzziness is visible...can I get it to go away?






Only if you shoot in RAW. For JPEG's it is baked in and not changeable.

I take images in both formats. So, unless I messed that setting up too, I should have the RAW image on my card. (feeling hopeful!) Thank you for the quick reply!

Actually. No such luck. It appears when I changed the setting to 'mini' mode, it disengaged the RAW/JPEG image save. I have the images leading up to the ram shots plus a few landscape images after the ram. It was during the landscape images I discovered the Mini mode setting so changed it back to my other setting. RAW image resumed from that point.

These are the "Creative Filters" and the manual states:


So I was wrong, too.

Yea. This was my last ditch effort for a solution. My gut says the image is set. Wahhhhh!!!


🤣I was trying to figure out what "Mini Mode" was until I realized she was using a condensed name for "Miniture Mode".  Nice shot of the ram, but the legs are a wash.  


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Yep...hence my desire to get out of that mode. Thanks for weighing in!