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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


I have been reading about solutions for "soft" looking photos or should I say blurry photos and I'm beginning to think there's no solution. I've tried everything and my daughter has the same issue. I try to fix the softness in Lr but it only does so much. Remini is okay for fixing this as long as it doesn't make your human look too unrealistic. This is an ongoing issue and probably nothing that the shooter is doing wrong. 



The is no reason that the 5D Mark IV is not capable of producing sharp images with proper settings and technique.

Can you post to Dropbox or One Drive some RAW photos from your camera that you feel look soft or blurry?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic


What lens are you using? What environment are you in (e.g. low light)?   As John mentioned, please provide some examples of what you're seeing.


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"The is no reason that the 5D Mark IV is not capable of producing super sharp images ..."


Remember the lens makes the shot. The camera is merely a storage device that saves the data the lens collected. Oh, sure, the camera does some processing depending on how you have it set up but that is only telling it how to save the photo. Most of the time a camera like the 5D Mk IV does exactly what you tell it to. So, it is possible you set something incorrectly. It is also possible there is something missing in your shooting technique.  A sample of  what you are seeing would help us a lot to determine which.

Your best practice is to use Raw format and do all the image processing and editing in post. Lightroom and Photoshop are  my favorite goto platforms for that. But the latest DPP4 from Canon is very good and it is free. You can't beat free!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


Yep, agree with all of the above, it is highly unlikely that the camera is the issue.  So, we come down to lenses and how the camera (and lens) are configured and operated - at this stage it is too early to rule any of those out.  We definitely need several examples that are large enough to view in detail, plus the camera settings: lens, focal length, f/shop, s/speed and ISO please.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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