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Canon 6D display language resets to chinese after auto off and indicates card full


Just assembled my new 6D  with 24-105 mm and display comes in urecognizable language, after changing into english it reminds me that unused new memory card is full, so I reformat and seems ok... BUT when starting after auto off again the same unrecognizable language and full card !

I have taken battery out and put in again, reset to default, changed card, and keeps doing the same.

Any suggestions ?




It could be the GPS in your camera IF you have been secretly kidnapped in your sleep, and placed somewhere in China, inside a cleverly detailed re-creation of your normal surroundings.  The persons responsible thought of everything BUT the GPS in your camera sensing your true location and resetting the default menu language to Mandarin.


Investigate this, but very, very carefully.


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Why do so many people say "FER-tographer"? Do they take "fertographs"?


Do you have latest firmware? 1.1.2.

Yes, it came with 1.1.2 which I re installed last night and keeps doing the same, still unable to take a series of photos as after first shot says card full, although my computer says the new SanDisk Ultra class 10 16 gb card has 99% free space !


If I have really been kidnapped, they've done a hell of a job reconstructing my environment !!!!!

Then I think it is time for some service at Canon.

Does the camera remember all your other custom setting? If not the internal battery maybe malfunction. You can try to change it but if it is a new camera you better exchange it for another one or send it to Canon service.
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Maybe that internal battery could be a cause, although it seems like the internal main board is at fault, so its been shipped to the retailer in the next days to have the product changed under warranty.


Thanks all you guys for the advice and hopefully we'll hear of any other similar malfunction at this forum and their solutions !