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Cannon Camera Not Saving Photos!! Please Help.


I use my Camera about Twice a Month. Having, not used it for a month I returned to it, and started taking pictures outdoors only to discover that none of them were saving them too the memory card. My initial thought was that the fault is with Memory Card. But the card was working fine last month, when I was taking pictures, and also, I did try to switch the lock on the Memory Card as advised, but this created a error message saying something along the lines of "The Lock on the Memory Card is on." And then when I pressed the button to take a picture when the lock on the memory card was on, it wouldn't even take a Picture... I know this is a long story, but what I'm saying is, I don't think the reason the Pictures are not saving to the memory card is because of the lock on the memory card, or the position of the memory card. I think it's something else.. Can someone help. Also its not the quick take in the setting, i tried that too didn't make any difference! But the camera is still not taking pictures!?? Can someone please help??



Try to format the card in the camera. 

Is it a full size card or a micro card with adapter. The micro cards can fail without warning.

I switched cards. I've used both cards before... so.. yeah I've tried both types of cards a micro card and a regular SD but I don't think its a card problem. Because the camera still click's.... when you take the shot. So the mechanism is working, but he doesn't put the note back in the wallet/pocket, is not happening. That's just a metaphor but that's how feels each time, and I loose every picture I take??

Do you have a local camera store or camera club you can contact for hands-on help?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, MX472, LR Classic

Yeah! I think that going to the camera shop is going to be the best idea. 🙂


Did you low level format in camera?


What type of camera do you have?  What brand and size memory card are you using?

What makes you think the photos are not being saved?  How are checking for saved photos?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Its an EOS 4000 DSLR Camera. And the Memory Cards are working, because I can put stuff on to the memory cards, when I put them on my computer... So thats why I'm certain the problem is not with the memory cards. As I have repeatedly said, in this thread.  The nature of the problem is evasive to me as I lack the technical knowledge of cameras, apart from to say, the focus's, click and takes the photo just as it normally would, but nothing saves on the card... The Card which work when you put it in the computer...

First and foremost, you MUST format a new memory card in the camera.  Despite appearances to the contrary, memory cards do NOT come pre-formatted.  What seems like a pre-formatted memory card is actually residue from production testing.  You must erase all of it by performing a low level format in the camera.

Again.  What leads you to believe that photos are not being saved?  When you take a photo, can’t you hit the play button and see it

"The right mouse button is your friend."

OK, I will have a go at Formatting the Card... (Card Completely Blank After Last Time I took the Camera Out?)