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BUSY signal when downloading pictures


I have a DS 126 151 Canon Rebel.  I am a novice--very novice--and I have never had this happen before.  I am trying to download my pictures from my camera to my home computer via the cable and I am getting a BUSY signal when trying to connect to the computer.  What can I do or what is this?  I am anxious to download my photos.  Thank you.



Hi pattycakey!


To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know what operating system (Windows Vista/7/8 or Mac OS 10.X) you have and what software you are using to import your images with. That way, community will be able to assist you with suggestions appropriate for your product.


If this is an urgent support need, please CLICK HERE to reach our friendly Technical Support Team.

I am using Windows 7.  Not being computer saavy I think that  I use the Windows downloading system or sometime Picasa.  It used to work when I plugged in the usb cable from the camera to the computer so I do not know what the BUSY message means.


I am trying to download photos from my DS 126 151 Rebel XTi and I am getting a BUSY message on the screen of the camera.  I am a novice and not super computer smart so I hope you can help.  I am using Windows 7 operating system.  I usually just upload photos using the usb cable directly to my home computer and upload using the Windows uploading software of sometime on Picasa.  Does anyone know why I am getting this signal and what I can do to remedy photos are languishing in the camera....thanks.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Pattycakey,

When transferring images, the "Busy" indication can mean that there's a software or hardware conflict.


To eliminate the conflict, go to the notification area on the Desktop page and exit Picasa (or Windows Live Photo Gallery, if you're using Picasa).  To ensure the best chance of success, please close any other digital imaging software besides the one you want to use.


If you continue to have difficulty, please contact us.

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You don't seem to have given a full answer to the problem above, other than to indicate it is most likely a software problem.  I have expereinced the same problem with the word BUSY flashing when attemting down load photos onto the PC.


My Camera is a Canon EOS 450D aka Canon EOS Rebel XSi

The computer is based on an i7 and is currently running on Windows 8.1

I have had no such problem I first acquired the camera some years ago and it has operated under both WIndows 7 and 8.0. The computer was upgraded to Windows 8.1 some time ago and from to time it receives Windows updates.

I am attempting to download, as per normal, using the Canon EOS Utility.  Under "Control Camera", other than for "Monitor Folder" all the options, including "Starts to download images" are greyed out.

I have no other graphics programs open, such as PhotoShop.


If it is a software problem, please provide a link where upgraded software or drivers may be down loaded.


Many thanks,


John A Forbes

Attempting to download photos from my EOS Rebel XSi camera and I get a "busy" message on the display and pic don't transfer.

I think this is the first time since upgrading to Windows 10 Home that they haven't transfered as soon as I made the connections and turned on the camera.

Is there a correction you can send if this is the problem ?

Hi Jimley,

I recommend updating the EOS Utility from from our website.


Once on our site, click on the [Selelct] button to the right of "EOS Utility 2.14.20a Updater for Windows", then click on "How to Download and Install" (in red) for installation instructions.

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