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Autofocus on my 5D Markll isn't working


Hello! So I had a 5DM2 that I happily used for a few years before upgrading to the Mark IV. When I stopped using the MarkII, everything was working on it. It sat unused with my other gear for 3-4 months and then I pull it out to take a picture/compare the colors of the two cameras, and the autofocus is no longer working.... I push on the shutter halfway and nothing happens. And yes, I checked to make sure it was in AF and not MF. What else do I need to check? I want to keep it as my backup camera, but super frustrated the the AF isn't working.


Andy advice is appreciated!




You gotta go down the tedious road of troubleshooting.  Try a different lens, another battery, charger, remove any battery grip reset the camera, etc. Everything that can effect a camera needs to be tried with something else.

I very rarely suggest anyone clean the contacts between the lens and camera but in your case it might be a good idea.  Alcohol (not JD Black  Smiley Happy), the rubbing kind, and a q-tip will do it.

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I'll try all of this, but I think i've already tried the different battery/different lens. I'll reset everything and see if that works!

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Have you ever set up back button focus and you forgot ? It happened ti me before.

I have not! But I'll do a factory reset on it. 

Resetting the Custom programming of buttons is performed in the custom controls menu.

As far as cleaning lens and body contacts goes, just the mere act of installing or removing a lens should be sufficient. If you cannot see foreign material or discoloration do not even bother with trying to clean the contacts. Risks far outweigh any chance of a slim benefit.
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