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Advice for my 5d mark ii


I am planning for a purchase of the R5 before my next trip to Europe.  I want to sell my 5d mark ii and need advice to avoid scammers.  I'd appreciate recommendations for the safest online site?  TIA




If you are worried about scammers, you best best is consignment or selling to a site like B&H, Adorama, MidWest Camera, etc.


You'll get less money for your camera, but won't have to deal with the hassle.   

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Thank you for replying!  This is my first time selling camera gear.


"I'd appreciate recommendations for the safest online site?"


For selling your old 5D2 or buying the new R5?


Selling your old camera, which I hope you know isn't worth much, go to KEH. For buying your new R5 any of the big New York camera on-line stores are good. B&H, Adorama, Roberts come to mind but not exclusive.


Also for a hands on Best Buy is good. Perhaps you have a local camera shop. They are good for both selling and buying. They typically will give you a bit less and cost a bit more for the new one but the personal service is worth it.


Sometimes the best deal isn't the best deal.


Warning some of the worst camera stores are in Brooklyn NY.  Also, IMHO, avoid Amazon. Amazon itself is an authorized Canon retailer but sometimes you can't tell if the gear you buy is from Amazon itself or one of its market places. They may not be and are most likely not real deal Canon retailers.

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Thank you for mentioning KEH.  I visited their website and will give them a call on Monday.

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