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A pain in the neck - My 7D MARK 2 SUDDENLY STOPPED WORKING




After a month of using the camera, enjoyed and all, it just went haywire suddenly - it stuck at TV, all dials and buttons stopped  working except the metering, iso...those 4 and  the focus joy stick, didn't take any shots of couse. I tried everything, wouldn't work. I took out the battery, it came back alive. I haven't been feeling satisfied at all. Well, I was using my older battery at that moment, but still, the battery had been working perfectly even so it is a bit old. It's been 2 days now, haven't seen any similarities yet. So, not feeling cool you know...




Have you been using anything other than a genuine Canon branded battery? Stranger things have happened.

Unfortunately no. The battery I used was a genuine canon one which I have been using for years from my 60D. Thanks for replying.

Batteries do get old.  I currently have 6 and have each labeled with their SSN.  I then monitor their performance using the camera's information.  When the camera says the battery is less than prime it gets retired.

I see, I do hope that is only the cause. I will keep on monitoring. Fingers crossed. Thanks a lot.


When batteries get old electronic glitches are very likely, see modern cars for example which can do all sorts of bad things when battery voltage drops below critical value during attempted engine starting.


As your battery ages, its ability to source rated current decreases as its internal resistance increases.  If camera current demand exceeds battery ability, voltage will drop and this can cause unexpected random results from the camera controllers.


Another issue that can happen this time of year is static discharge creating a temporary glitch (or in rare cases permanent damage).   Dry air allows tremendous static charges to build and what is painful to you can be fatal to the camera.  Canon cameras are very robust against this issue but making the electronics fully robust against a temporary "glitch" from static discharge would result in camera body pricing that only the Department of Defense would consider purchasing.


I would replace the battery; unlike a fine scotch it WON'T improve with further aging 🙂



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Thanks very much for your reply. It does clear some cloud of mine. I sense that might be something that causes the issue. I still wouldn't point my finger to canon's manufacture but crossed. Appreciated man.

New battery and also check your charger to make sure it is working.  New CF or SD cards.  Reset the camera to factory default. Call Canon 1 (800) 652-2666

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Thanks a lot sir.
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