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80D for PAL Video at 25 and 50 fps jittery problems


Hi there,

I bought a 80d some months ago and I have a specific problem which I do not know how to solve it.

I bought this camera for videos in PAL mode.


When I'm filming something, especially cars on the road, at 25fps or 50fps the produced video is very jerky!

The same problem also when I'm trying a very short move by hand or with travelling equipment.


When I'm filming the same road with cars at 30fps or 60fps the produced video is very smooth. Especially at 60fps the footage is amazingly smooth. Unfortunately I did not buy that camera for videos in NTSC mode!


Shutter speeds: 25/50, 50/100, 30/60, 60/125


Any idea?


I concur with kvbarkley. Canon cameras can switch video between PAL and NTSC.


When recorded in PAL, playback on a PAL device.

If recorded in NTSC mode, playback on NTSC device.


Sorry, about the bum steer. I never use my still cameras as a video recorder ...




What? Canon cameras have an option to switch between PAL and NTSC.


PAL system mode 25fps, 50fps.
NTSC 24, 29.97, 59...