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7D night baseball shooting


I have had my 7D for about 3 years and have only used it for day time shots of my boys baseball. I have great shots with it and my 70-200 2.8. I understand all the settings on bright sunny days and when it gets a little cloudy, my problem is night shots. I shoot in Tv with say 200-800 ISO, shutter speed anywhere from 1000- 2000, and all varies depending on sunlight. I tried night time games but all my shots where either grainy, dark, or orange. I have done everything from bump my ISO to 3200, shutter speed to 600, and change expo comp to +3. I know my equipment can do it, I just can't figure out how. I there a place I should look or anyone know what I am doing wrong?


I think you have to accept that the low-light performance of the human eye is a lot better than that of even the best camera. So it's easy to fool yourself into thinking that the ambient light is brighter than it really is. I suspect that if you were shooting in a major-league baseball park, your problem would go away, or at least be a lot less severe. But unless your kid is already a major leaguer, that's probably not the situation. One tipoff here is the orange cast; that suggests that the field lights are too dim, because dimmer is usually redder.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA