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77D stuck in video mode


Hello.  I am aware that there is a similar string for another model, but it was not helpful.


Our 77D is stuck in video mode.  We have tried the following:


-powering camera down, remove battery, put battery back in, power up

-power camera down, remove battery, turn camera on, push shutter release, turn off, put battery back in, power up

-reset to factory settings

-checked website for firmware update and there is none


We called Canon support and were told to send it in for maintenance.  It's still under warranty, but of course this option is time consuming.  With Christmas only 4 days away, we would like to use the camera now!


Does anyone have any ideas that could fix this?  Thanks!



Stuck in *live view* mode or *movie mode*? If in movie mode, there is not much to do since it is in the power switch. If live view mode, the buttom may be stuck, try to push and pull it a few times.

Did you ever find a solution for this? This happened to me last night immediately after putting on a new Sigma 18-35mm Art lens and now I cannot even update the camera firmware by plugging it in because it is stuck in video and apparently firmware cannot be updated in video mode 😞

According to your various posts you now have a 77D stuck in video mode and a 70D that won't turn off, both faults occuring since fiting a Sigma lens.

Do you really have 2 different cameras or are these faults relating to the same camera. I would suggest you may get a better response to your problems if you start your own thread and give as much information as possible rather than put your questions on the end of old threads.

I only have a 77D - if I typed 70D somewhere, it was a typo.
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