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6D gave me really blurry photos?


Hello everyone.

I'm posting here hoping to find someone who can help me.

I recently got a 6D mark 2 to shoot my videos and it was all fine. Last night I was asked to take some photos during a meeting but I immediatly saw the lack of quality in all of them. I can't explain this absence of details even in the darkest enviroment or with the slowest shutter...




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Thank you for the suggestions.  About a year ago, I adjusted various settings in my camera that I thought would help to correct the problem.  It helped quite a bit to resolve the issue, but not completely.  Now, instead of every photo that is taken in low light having blotches/fuzziness all over it, once in a while that effect will show up in a few photos.  As a result, I try to avoid using that camera in low-lit environments, because it is too unreliable for important shoots.

I wish I kept some of the photos that demonstrate the issue so that you can see what I am talking about.  Unfortunately, I deleted them.  (At the time, I saw no reason to hang on to poor quality photos.)

Thanks again.


I know and agree. I thought it might do some good if someone else stumbled on it 

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