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5DIII AF Microadjustment for manual lens?

Rising Star

Will I be able to do AF Microadjustment for lens with manual focus only?

"AF" means AutoFocus, I know, but I´ve doubts.

My two manual lenses are:


1. Canon MP-E 65mm Macro x1-x5 f/2,8 (this is a very particular lens which focus only by moving the lens itself; no focus ring available).


2. Zeiss ZE 85mm f/1,4 (manual focus only)


Thank you very much.



@ScottyP wrote:
Even if the body will let you apply a + - AUTOfocus micro adjustment, what the heck would that even do on a manual lens, not to mention the MPE65 which focuses bu moving the camera closer or farther from the target?

With at least some manual lenses, the AF mechanism will try to tell you when you've achieved focus (with a light or a beep or both - I forget which). If the AFMA is out of whack, you might get a misleading result.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

The Zeiss do that. Beep and light.