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5D Mk III lcd screen won't come on. Still takes pics. Hitting menu or other buttons doesn't help.


My 5D Mark III 's lcd screen suddenly quit.  Changing batteries, cards, lenses or hitting any buttons inc. menu doesn't help.  It still takes pics.  Just the back screen doesn't come on.  



While there is a mode that allows you to disable the LCD so it wont display things like shooting info, just pressing the "INFO" button will cycle it to the next select (each time you press INFO it advances to the next display choice and when you get to the last choice, pressing it again gets you back to the begining -- so it just loops.)


BUT... press MENU would normally always make the menu appear on the LCD panel and it would do this even if you had set the LCD to normally not display shooting info.


So this suggests to me that somehow the connetion to your LCD has been lost.


Time to contact Canon service since there is no menu setting for this.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da
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