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5D Mark III firmware suggestions




Could Canon team give us their positions on these suggestions please ?


1) The Auto ISO is far from being convenient.

- Could we specify the min shutter speed instead of being limited to a restricted number of predefined values ?

- When shutter speed is set to "auto", could we set a priority as regards the one-over-the-focal-length rule thanks to a slider ? This is exactly what is so WELL done for some autofocus settings, so why not extend it to the "auto" value ?

2) When we switch the lens to manual focus, could you make the focus grid and red blinking vanish ?
3) Could you display the focal length on the rear LCD when reviewing a picture ? Presently, only aperture/speed/ISO are displayed when you click on "Info". 
4) This last one might sound like a gadget... Would it possible when pressing the M-Fn button (or other) to set the focus to the hyperfocal ? Nowadays, there are no more indications for this on the lens barrel. And it is so useful for street photography and landscape. The camera knows the focal length and the current aperture. There are tables that give the relation between aperture, focal length and hyperfocal (as simple as a rule of thumb). So this should work, no ?
Maybe I am alone here to think that this would be welcome additions (#1 top priority) and will never be heard by Canon's dev team... But I would really appreciate having their answers written down here. Thanks for your consideration on this matter.

Rising Star
Would like to see all 4 as well. Coming from the film world with DoF scales on the lens, I could really appreciate something along the lines of #4.

Does the Canon Team listen?  They say changes are made in consultations with professionals?  If so:


1.  What professional grade images based in what they see in the back LCD?  I am referring to the newest RATE button of the 5dIII that allows those professionals to grade their images up to 5 stars. Wish I can program this button to do mirror lock-up


2.  Why they change the functions of the buttons from one model to a newer model?  Confusing as I own various camera models.


3. Why do I have to push more buttons to attain a function?  For example, in the 5DIII now I have to push the playback, the magnify/reduce button and then rotate the main dial to review/magnify an image.  In the previous 5DII I accomplished the same by just using the af-on and the af-point selection buttons to increase/decrease the magnification.


Yet, I appreciate moving the DOF button to the right front of the camera from the left.  Finally I can use it while handholding a long telephoto lens.

Would a Canon team member have the kindness to give us a status on these remarks ? Even if they are all refused, it would be appreciable to show some customer care...


We agree with all of these suggestions.


And we will also add the following suggestion than CAN be implemented via Firmware Update.


PLEASE CANON consider these requests, and forward them to the right department:


1- Could we enable AF points blinking in red even when the sccene is light?

Currently they only blink red when the scene is dark, even if you set the View Finder to always be illuminated.

This is VERY useful because in lot of situations the black overlay AF points is not very easy to see in light scenes.


2- If possible: also make them more visible (blinking red) in AI Servo, because they're currently hard to follow in lot of situations.


3- Could we assign different functions to the RATE button? It's currently almost a waste of button for only a couple of functions.


4- Please implement a "Hot / Sutck Pixels" REMAPPING function to let the user tell the camera to hide these deffective pixels in stills and video mode.


This is ESSENTIAL in digital cameras (every sensor has deffective pixels, most of them "mapped" in factory to be hidden, but not all). Digital sensors may even show more hot/stuck pixels over time. It could work in similar way than the "Dust delete data"


5- We expect an Option for CLEAN 4:2:2 HDMI output as promised by Canon, besides the current Full HD HDMI output option with shooting information, which is essential for using external monitors.


6- PLEASE, could Canon implement PEAKING in Video mode? The 5D Mark III is a $3,000+ camera.

There are currently cameras by other manufacturers with Peaking, 1080p60 for less than $1,000...


The 5D Mark III had strong advertised aimed towards the video market, yet it doesn't have this basic feature for filmmaking & video.


7- Please, could Canon improve the ALL-I mode?

It delivers poor quality (considering the BIG memory space required) when there are low motion scenes, showing more macro blocking than IPB and a noticeable "fizzy" noise, even at Low ISO.


8- Please, improve the Sharpness algorithm in Video mode, to get SHARPER images when setting it higher than zero.

Currently it produces noticeable halos, making it almost unusable for professional work.


The list could be longer, but all these improvements are VERY important and CAN be made via firmare update and would make the 5D Mark III more competitive and a higher value.


Thank you very much Canon!


We really hope you listent to your customers.


HD Cam Team
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