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5D Mark III LCD issue + questions regarding layout of PCB


Hey there! I recently bought a 5D Mark III second-hand to use together with my 7D Mark II but ran into some issues when it first arrived.

The LCD and surrounding buttons did not work - I opened it up and found that the connector linking the LCD + surrounding buttons to the main board was corroded and disconnected. The seller stated it was fully functioning haha, however, I got it for a great deal so even selling it as completely dead would turn me a profit, so no worries in sending it back - I want to repair it😅

I connected the ribbon cable and all of the buttons started working and the display backlight lit up, but without a signal - the LCD is blank! The HDMI out works flawlessly which made it possible to check the function of all other parts of the camera, and low and behold, everything else works!

I would be extremely happy if anyone on here could help me out with:

A: Finding possible solutions to the issue in general terms, all ideas are good ideas! 😄

B: Providing me with the "Schematics", or a blueprint showing what parts provide what places with power and data signal regarding the LCD. Because the female contacts on the main board and the male contacts on the LCD board are still corroded, could this be the issue at hand or is there another issue at hand?

Thanks! 🙂


Best regards,

William Hagelsjö


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I would clean the corrosion off of the connectors and see what happens. Corrosion will conduct electricity and could cause shorts, so clean it all off wherever you see it.