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extention tubes


does canon have extention tubes for macro/close up?



Yes, they do.  They have 12mm and 25mm extension tubes.

Don't understand why Canon doesn't show all their accessories (extension tubes, timers, remotes, etc.) on their website. Just search Amazon or B&H and they will show up.

Hi guys! Extension tubes are on our site! They are only listed on the "Supplies and Accessories" tab of the lenses that the extension tube is compatible with to prevent confusion when purchasing - that way you don't get an extension tube for the wrong lens, or you don't get a tube for a lens that doesn't support one! 


This is a link to the "Supplies and Accessories" tab for the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II: CLICK HERE


But you can find the information by simply going to our EF Lens Lineup page and clicking on your lens, then going to the "Supplies and Accessories" tab and seeing what (if any) Extension Tubes are available for your lens. You can add them to your cart right from that page! (Of course all of this pertains to Canon USA only. For other countries, you'll need to check.)

Ya I know but I'd rather see them listed on their own page with which products they are compatible with instead of fishing for them.