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Squiggly (dirt?) lines on MP-E 65mm lens


Has anyone come upon this problem using the MP-E 65mm lens where you get these squiggly lines across the image?


I'm using a Canon 6D with the lens and also stack images for my macro work.


I've been told it's dirt and that this is common for this lens, especially if you change lenses often (which I really don't).


I've cleaned both ends of the lens yet it doesn't seem to always help.


Is this something I just have to live with? I am able to photoshop them out, but I find it annoying...







2015-02-13-04.51.09 ZS PMax.jpg




Thanks for posting your troubles. I am experiencing the exact same problem. I use the same setup with a 5DMll, MP-E 65mm and Stack-Shot rails. The only thing I use different is the software to do the stacking. I am using Helicon Remote and I'm  getting the exact same results as you. I have a clean sensor. Have you been able to find out what is causing this? 

I had my camera serviced with the sensor cleaned, and when I reattached the MP-E 65mm lens I promised I would not take it off and switch lenses so as to not get any 'dirt' in there.


YET, about two months later after taking shots I noticed the 'squiggly lines' again! So how did the dirt get in there? One thought another gentleman had was static electricity might be drawing the 'dust' in there. Going back and forth on the rail.


I'm wondering if there is something one can come up with to attract the static so it doesn't go to the camera. Airplanes have them on their wingtips, called static dissapaters, although they prevent buildup of static electricity, something along the side of the camera that would attract the static as a sacrificial type object instead of the camera.


But, in the meantime, the only solution offered to me, and unfortunately I don't have it, is to use Photoshop 'Lightroom' which has a method of removing sensor dust from one's pictures. I only have Photoshop 'Elements 13'. So I'm still stuck with erasing the streaks...  😞


Attached is the Photoshop Lightroom link on how to remove sensor dust.


Good luck!!

I don't see how a rail mounted camera could build up significant static.  However, a carpeted floor can contribute to signicant static buildup.  If you are concerned about static, then a small investment in static-free floor mats could be a good investment. 


Static-free floor mats are normally available wherever electrical parts are sold.  Note that I said "electrical", not "electronic" parts.  Most of these vendors, however, do not usually sell directly to the public, except at a brick and mortar outlet.  I have seen the for sale at places like Grainger and Global, who sell directly to electrical contractors.  The mats are frequently used in front of large, floor standing copying machines.

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