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EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM image stabilization seems to "stick" or get stuck when panning?


When I am panning while taking video with my 70-200 (on the 1D X Mk III), the image stabilization will briefly stick or get "caught up" and will then jolt forward, instead of smoothly stabilizing as I pan. Sometimes it is so bad that I can feel it getting stuck with my hands as I film. This has only happened recently and occurs no matter what my cameras settings are. I will attach a video of this happening while I am panning. I have tried both IS mode 1 and 2 and neither seem to make any difference. (Starts to get really bad at 7 seconds)



I have seen this too on some lenses, but only when the IS "revs up". IS units can certainly go bad. I suggest sending it back to Canon.


You best course of action is to send camera and lens to Canon for a C&C. Include a description of the issue you are seeing.

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing, best to get it fixed before it hinders production 


Can you share your video settings with us?

What video mode and frame rate were you shooting with?

You mentioned all modes.  Is that correct?    

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This clip was shot in 1080p at 120fps, IS was on mode 2.

Yes, this happens in all modes with various settings/frame rates unfortunately 

I was recently in a sandy environment and there was a lot of loose dust in the air so I wouldn’t be surprised if that caused it.  


If you have Movie Digital IS enabled, try turning it off.  The option does not appear in all still?movie   shooting modes.

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So I turned off the cameras movie digital IS and it seemed to fix the issue, so should I send the camera out to get checked?