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Do the older 'film SLR' third party EF lenses work with new Canon DSLR's


I have an old film EOS Rebel G with two lenses (Sigma 28-80 Macro) & (70-300 Quantaray 1:4-5.6 LDO Macro).


I got away from the SLR style camera several years ago and am now looking to take the plunge again as the quality of the point and shoot and smart phones can't compare.


I tested both of these lenses on a friend of mine's Canon T3i.  The lenses would not auto focus.  I thought since his camera had the 'red dot' mount they would function but they would only work as a manual focus.  My initial thought was that his camera is really designed to support the EF-S style lens that that is why it could not auto-focus.


Am I truly out of luck or will some of the higher end (full frame) DSLR's support the auto focus features of these lenses?  Or do the new Canon's not support older third party lenses?





Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi New2dslr,


While older Canon EF lenses work with our new cameras, we can't be certain with third party lenses.  If modifications for the lenses are not available from their respective manufacturers, I recommend investing in some good quality Canon lenses..

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You certainly don't want to buy a good Canon body and than put crap glass in front of it. Do you?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!