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TR8620a Photo Blue Ink


I was recommended some ink packages for my printer which is a pixma TR8620a. It was recommended that I get a package that included a pixma photo blue XL cartridge, but I don't know how to install it. I also can't install my black cartridge because it looks like it is too small. Inside the printer it has a slot for PGBLK (I don't have one of those cartridges) but doesn't have a slot for BLK or PB (which are the cartridges I do have.)

Can anyone help me?



Hi, elementalpub!  Your PIXMA TR8620a uses genuine Canon PGI-280 black and CLI-281 color ink cartridges.  The full 5-cartridge set includes the PGI-280 pigment black (PGBK) ink which is primarily used for printing documents on plain paper and the separate, smaller CLI-281 dye-based black (BK or K) ink which is used to enrich the cyan (C), magenta (M), and yellow (Y) inks so as to allow the printer to accurately reproduce a wider array of colors.  Your printer needs both of these black cartridges in their corresponding slots to function properly as one is not a substitute for the other.  The PIXMA TR8620a also does not use photo blue ink and thus lacks a slot for it.

You can order the right inks for your PIXMA TR8620a right here.

Hope this helps!

Thank you I really appreciate it. What about the Photo Blue though? Is it possible to still be able to use it with this printer? How would I do that do I just replace the Cyan or BLK with it? Or was it just a waste of money? Just because I still have 2 PB cartriges left that I ended up buying. I would like to use them if I can, I bought them to make sure I can get photo quality if needed.

This printer isn't designed to use it so it wouldn't know what to do with it.  If the cartridge even fits, the colors on your printouts will look, to use a highly technical term, super messed up. 😅

Again, your printer needs the PGI-280 black along with the CLI-281 black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, nothing more and nothing less, and that cartridge set can deliver some pretty awesome-looking photo prints.  You can also use XL and XXL versions of these cartridges which are the same physical size as the regular ones but they contain more ink and last longer.

Thanks for choosing #Canon!

LOL, okay right on. I really appreciate your help and your time. I ordered the right stuff. Thank you.


Oh my god it should NOT be this hard to find out what proper ink I need for this printer. I've done 20 google searches and still have no freaking idea. I really wish you guys would be straightforward with it this is driving me so nuts just trying to get this printer running today I'm really about to explode.

The link we just provided tells you which specific inks your PIXMA TR8620a needs and it's straight from the manufacturer.  Glad we could help!

Right on, I went ahead and ordered some of the correct ink, I appreciate it


I just bought this printer and have been trying to set it up for a week ordering and waiting on ink for it and trying to get through the setup. I was told that the PB ink I got for it won't fit, so I needed a PGBLK cartridge, and was sent a link for one that I ended up ordering off of amazon. I went ahead and got a cannon brank cartridge it literally says genuine cannon pixma on the box. 250 PGBLK. All of the other ink cartridges beep when I put them in except for this one. I have already waited for it to get shipped and all of that all of this has been going on for a week now.

Right now, the printer turns on, all of the ink cartridges are in it, but it will not go past the screen that tells me to install the ink cartridges. I thought it might be since I haven't installed a driver. I tried to install the driver, but it won't connect to the network even though it is directly connected to my LAN with a cat6 cable. So now it is just a 200 dollar brick sitting here wasting my time, my money, and my space. It doesn't complete setup, it doesn't download drivers, it doesn't register the fact that there is an ink cartridge in it, I would like some help or some type of replacement that works, please or I want my money back for this thing.

It is a TR8260a, by the way.

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