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TR8520 - SOOOO Slow......


I just don't understand this printer.  It will print, 1 thing, almost instantly, BUT after it's finished the display

will continue to say "PRINTING", indefinitely.  If you then hit the STOP icon, it will display "PROCESSING PLEASE 

WAIT MOMENTARILY".  Momentarily, means FOREVER !


Printing multiple documents is prohibitive.


It does this same thing from a Laptop, which is wirelessly connect, as wel as from a Desktop that is Hardwired to a router, then in turn wireless back to the printer.


Printer BTW is only a few months old.


I'm truely regretting this purchase.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Lji1221,


How far is your router from your PIXMA TR8520?


What is the signal strength?  To determine this, please follow these steps:


1.  Select Setup on the Home screen (it is the gear at the bottom of the display of your TR8520).

2.  Select Settings.


3.  Select Device Settings.


4.  Select LAN settings.


5.  Select Wireless LAN.


6.  Select WLAN setting list.


7.  Select Yes.


Please scroll down the list to reveal the signal strength.




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Out of town for a few days and will send details shortly. The router I know is only about 12ft away from printer. Thanks for your support.

Ok, just got around to finding out LAN signal strength detail as per previous post.


As i mentioned earlier the printer is about 12 ft from the router. According to the printers WLAN settings screen

the signal strenth is at 57%.


Could this be the cause for the strange behavior ?

Hello Lji1221.


We recommend a signal strength of at least 70% for printing.  Anything less can lead to excessive print and response times between the printer and computers.  If the printer was previously operating without these issues, check the area near the printer, near the router, and between the printer and router for any electronics and electrical devices that were not there before this problem occurred (i.e. humidifiers, heated air fresheners or wax melters, etc.).  Depending on the make of such devices, they may be unshielded or poorly shielded, causing wifi interference.


You may also wish to try moving the printer and router closer (no closer than ~ 2 or 3 ft) and/or minimize obstructions between the printer and the router.

Thanks for the prompt response.  I'll see what i can do about the signal strength, perhaps changing the routers channel might help, as moving the router/printer closer isn't practical.


I'm not sure why the signal strength affects the display showing PRINTING, for hours AFTER printing a single document.  As I mentioned 'most' of the time the FIRST document will print almost instantly, but after it is completed the display continues to show PRINTING when there is nothing in the queue.


How might the signal strength affect that behavior ?