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Printing discs problem in My Image Garden


Hello thank you for taking the time to read this


As of today when trying to print to disc in My Image Garden I am getting the following message "Cannot print because a printer supported by this software is not installed"


Its a bit of a puzzler as I have used this in the past with zero issues printing discs and various other things. It works just fine on my Macbook Pro however on my iMac it wont play nice anymore.


Ive done the usual troubleshooting. Ive downloaded latest versions, reinstall, repair disc permissions, restart and so on but I just cannot get it to work.


Both Macs are running OSX 10.9.4 the iMac is 27" 2.9 i5 (not that I imagine that has any releveence) and the version of My Image Garden is the latest one on the Canon support site. The printer is an MG6350


Any help getting me back up and running would be greatly appriciated as Im a little frustrated after a day of messing around with it.


Many thanks







Instead of installing updates from Canon website I tried the disc that came with it. When the disc went in Apple software updater popped up saying it need some code or another. After it installed from Apple the printer is showing again in all apps.





The disc that came with my printer is only for Windows, not Mac.....still frustrated.