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Pixma iX6850 - Ink comes off from photo paper



Canon Pixma iX6850; Original ink that came with printer; No error messages; MacOS Sonoma 14.0; Printer connected via USB.

I got this printer last week and still learning my ways around it. I've printed some photos on Photo Paper Plus Glossi II by Canon. I noticed some horizontal lines on one of my photos and thought it's probably because of the printers rollers. I used my t-shirt to wipe them off and the color from the paper started coming off! Sheets need to dry for about 24 hours according to instructions, my photo has been drying for several days.

I used MacOS's native printing dialogue, and I used Default settings, for Media type I used the same type as the paper on the packaging, but I don't remember which Print quality I used, it was either Standard or High. Couldn't choose any other settings.

I just tried to scratch off the paint from another photo aswell (similar settings) and the color didn't come off. The photo was printed a day before the problematic.

On the same note, I printed out some stickers on glossy sticker paper ~8 hours ago (not by Canon), and the black ink can be rubbed off.

Is there something that I don't know, could it be the settings? I've only used the printer for a few days and only thing I've done wrong is that I printed on twice on a sticker paper that was meant for a laser printer.

Thank you for any info. Printers are new for me and very interesting. 🙂



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