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Pixma TR4520 Won't Print


I've had the printer for 2 years; earlier this year I got a new wifi router and have had intermittent problems ever since.  I get a message saying the printer is offline, even though it isn't.  In the past I've been able to remove the device from the computer and reinstall it.  That has always worked.  Yesterday, though, the problem started and I can't fix it.  I've rebooted the computer, the router, the printer.  I've gone through the setup multiple times and now I can't even complete the download/installation process.  I'm using Windows 10.  I'm thinking it's a problem with the printer and the router not communicating, but I don't know how to get them to "talk" to each other.  I'm more than frustrated.  Any help would be appreciated!  I've tried connecting the printer to the laptop using a cable but that doesn't work, either (the cable may be bad, though).  Help!!  Thank you!!



This is exactly my problem and the steps I have tried to resolve it.  Mine does this:

Takes forever to start printing

prints only a few lines then ejects the paper

ejects a blank paper

prints the same few lines it did as the first one

then a blank sheet

It does this over and over again until it goes through my whol stack of paper if I'm not near it.

It also will randomly start doing it, hours after I've canceled print jobs from doing what I described above. I've reached out to tech a couple times and was disconnected and the others just buffered. Now it's after hours. I've had mine since last September and I just switched providers and equipment. I print a lot of documents so this is really messing me up because I'm having to do it all by hand now... Not cool.