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Pixma G6020 lcd

New Contributor

I just purchased a Pixma G6020 in August. I can't see anything on the lcd screen without shining a bright flashlight on it. Is there a way to increase the brightness? This makes it almost impossible to use the printer for any function other than printing from my computer. I can't find anything in the manuel or support about it.


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I am not aware of any LCD brightness adjustment, nor do I believe it changes depending on ambient light.  I suggest you contact Canon.

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New Contributor

I agree with you about the lcd panel being very hard to see/read.  This was listed as a "con" in the reviews I read before purchasing this printer, so I was somewhat prepared and decided to overlook the issue because the other features appealed to me.  My solution is to keep a flashlight next to the printer...


After a very short while, I'm now finding it impossible to get the printer to print from the lower cassette paper had been functioning just fine.