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PIXMA TS9521C and printing on playing cards


I've just received my new printer yesterday and I tried using it to print on some blank playing cards, but the ink will not adhere to it.

everytime I print, the ink does not seem to permeate the material of the card, despite it saying in the marketing that it can work with cardstock. I even go into the print setting and make a point of selecting Cardstock as the option.

For reference: the cards I'm using are Blank Playing cards from regal with 280gsm as the weight.

Are my cards the issue? Is there a setting for this specific level of weight I'm not aware of? Does anyone here have a brand of blank cards that they like to use with this printer?


Will laser printers work with plasic-coated cards?


Well, since laser printers use high heat to fuse the toner onto the paper, the playing card would have to not melt.

Also, playing cards are quite stiff. I'd think they would not travel through a laser printer. 

Is there no printer that can print on playing cards?
I often need to print playing cards for my company, and it's not practical to always send these jobs to printing services elsewhere.

We don't make playing card paper. You'll want to reach out to the company that makes the paper and ask them what printers they've tested to be compatible with their product. 

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