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PIXMA MX490 What Paper, Gloss, and Thickness to Use for Blu-ray DVD Sheet


Canon Pixma MX- 490 printer.

Takes inkjet cart- 245, 246 and or what I have in it now being- XL original factory, Canon.

What I want to know- I need to buy and select in such a paper that is like a Blu-ray cover sheet. A dvd cover sheet and cd cover sheet. What I mean by this is- the cover page insert that goes behind the plastic thin sheet of a Blu-ray case etc. Showing cover of front and back. Same on dvd, cd etc. The topic more in this this- I need the -paper quality- to be about like what they use for cover sheets on Blu-rays etc factory. I do not know the thickness, the weight and gloss. I don't want to suck my carts dry fast and still need something nice. Little more thick then standard copy paper at no shine? From what I gather is- the paper is a low to med thick weight. As for the gloss I do not know if no gloss, matt, med or high gloss on these type of factory covers? Nor what printer will accept here. I just need the round about thickness of paper. The round about quality and shine gloss. Nothing on a wow factor. I do want a little gloss. For those that may know- what spec type of paper do I need for the printer I have in what I seek to print quality wise? Any model numbers of some paper or link?