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PIXMA MG7520 printing much too small in Chrome on Mac


All of a sudden, Chrome pages print at about 1/4 size. This happens on multiple sites.

I'm printing to an older Canon printer (MG7520).

The same pages print properly from Chrome to a new Canon printer, and from Firefox and Safari to the old printer.
I've looked at all the settings under More Settings and tried printing with a custom scale of 100%.
I also cleared Chrome's cache. I restarted Chrome.
I tried deleting and re-adding the printer in System Preferences.
I tried printing in another user's account in Chrome on my Mac. The same thing happens: the printout is about 1/4 of the size it should be.
I deleted my Canon's printer driver, which macOS automatically re-added after I restarted the computer again. No luck.
Any help would be appreciated!

Same problem. Started after I downloaded Big Sur OS. Have seen lots of people on Google with similar problem and NO ONE from Canon ever replies or has a solution.


It's something weird with Chrome. Use another browser - I had the same issue trying to print from Mac to an older Canon printer using Chrome. Then I tried Safari and it printed correct correctly.

Ah! Thank you for this! I've been having this same issue on my Canon Pixma, attempting to print through Chrome on my Macbook. It's been driving me nuts!! Will be printing through Safari until I figure this all out...


Same here


Workaround is to select More Settings->Use System Dialog that is at bottom when you scroll down in More Settings.  Then it prints correctly.  Obviously Chrome is sending something wrong to the printer.  My guess is that it thinks that the paper size is 4x6 photo instead of Letter that I have configured.

This worked until Ventura and now Chrome doesn’t send a preview to the System Settings dialog for some reason.

I’ve been instead selecting More Settings > Open in Preview for now. Gets me the correct printing size and a nice preview as well.

Thank you, cvdhturner!! I wasted so much paper trying to solve this. It happened when my back up printer (also Canon) failed within the same hour and I was stuck with a deadline to print. Much appreciated.

I hope Chrome gets it worked out ASAP.


OK Here's an answer.  I have 2 Macs one continues to print fine (using Catalina) the other one (updated to Big Sur) stopped printing normal size upon system update.  So guess it's true that the new op system doesn't communicate well with older canon printer. Finally found an easy workaround.  When printing anything in Chrome (gmail, web etc) Click on Print, MORE SETTINGS.  Then scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom and click on "open in pdf preview."  Once it opens, do file print and it prints regular size.  Apparently the pdf format interacts fine with Canon.  But I guess it's time to get a newer printer.  Have loved my Canon after years of HP suffering1


I had the same problem with chrome printing module. I am using PIXMA G3000. However, if you scroll down and select quality as 600dpi, it is printing normally on A4 size paper.

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