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PIXMA G3200 error messages and poor printing


I bought a Canon Mega tank printer hoping it would save me money in the long run. I use it often to print b&w, and also photos. It worked fine one day, and the next when I went to print photos it only printed in black and yellow. (the tanks are full) I cleaned, deep cleaned, super deep cleaned and only black and yellow work. Got a message that the pad was full (no surprise!) then it started throwing error messages. One was B500, call technical support. The web site claims my model is elegible for a discount replacement, but when I call I just get hung up on because the products is out of warranty. I finally found the time to research this, after the black stopped working and I get alternate flashing alarm/power lights. Do these bulk printers often fail? Judging from what I've seen, they must?



Hi, JMS1!

So that the Community can help you better, we need to know exactly which Canon printer model you're using. That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE.

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Sorry, it's a Canon Pixma G3200


Put new pads in amd now alarm flashing 4x

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello JSM1,


If the alarm light is flashing 4 times, it would mean there is something wrong with the print heads or they need to be reseated. You can try reseating the print head cartridges using the steps in the link HERE. 


If the reseating the print heads does not work, it would mean there is a problem with the print heads or there is a problem with the hardware on the printer itself. You can try contacting our parts department at 1-866-481-2569 to purchase a replacement print head. You can also click the link HERE to log into your Canon account to see what service options are available.


Canon G series reset page counter for ink absorber full (error 5B00)

Yes . . . the 5B00 is the (Printer = Brick with Flashing Lights) . . . fortunately . . . fixable . . . for free . . . 
Don't pay for a WIC program key.
This is FREE using just the printer's buttons.

Worked on my Canon G3200

(Enter Service Mode)
-- Turn Printer Off
-- Press and HOLD the Stop button (red Triangle - keep holding until release *)
-- Press and HOLD Power button (keep holding until release **)
-*- Release the Stop Button
-- Press the stop button 5 times
-**- Release the Power button

(Waste ink tank reset)
-- While in service mode
-- Press the Stop button 5 times
-- Press the Power Button once
-- -- wait -- for it to reset followed by a single page to run through the printer --
-- Press the Stop button 3 times
-- Press the Power Button once
-- -- wait -- for it to reset followed by a single page to run through the printer --
-- Turn off the printer
-- Turn the printer back on & the 5B00 code should be cleared

(Ink filling)(air bubbles in pipes)
-- Turn on the printer (normal startup)
-- Press and hold the stop button for about 5 seconds: watch for 5 flashes and then release
-- -- the printer will run through an extended cycle, use a lot of ink & dump a lot into the waste ink tank


Credit where credit is due to Reddit user Deadtobealive: [LINK REMOVED]