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MX922 copy doesn't output


My MX922 copy function produces a blank page. I can see the image on the preview screen, but the output is completely blank. I have checked, all nozzles are clean - I can print from computer, but placing a document on the glass and trying to copy only produces a blank page.


Please help! 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi mikeylightsit,


In your message, you stated that you have printed a nozzle check.  Please compare your printout with the example below.


Does your printout have a black grid to the right of  |PGBK|  ?


Below that, do 3 blue, 3 pink, 1 yellow and 1 black bars print?



MX922 Nozzle Check.jpg

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Patrick, thank you for your response. I actually finally figured out what was happening - my PGBK cartridge was not printing at all, which is why I was having blank pages. I replaced the PGBK ink, and it works a little better, but I am still having issues with spotty printing. I have done a deep clean of the nozzles MULTIPLE times (using a LOT of ink in the process), but I cannot get it to clear up. I'm not sure if that nozzle has become damaged in some way, or is just getting old. I have found a work-around for the time being - I simply alter my options to print to "high resolution paper", which tricks the printer into thinking I am printing a photo quality image, which uses the other BK ink cartridge. But if you have any other suggestions for how to clear that nozzle compeletely I am all ears.


Thank you!