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MX920 Help Printing


Ok then!  I design cards, and am trying to make copies of the original the easy way.  But my printer is not helping in this. 
I have an image, and I need it to print exactly as I have it when I click the 'print' button.  But if regular, it takes away from the image and gives a stupid white border.  Try borderless, and it states that it will enlarge the image.  Which I don't want, but I don't want stupid borders and even borderless gives me that white edge, yet cuts off the bottom of the image.  HELP!
Anyone know how to actually get the exact image you have created in paintshop?  I was sure to make it the correct size as the paper.  So that's not it?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Tyleete,


I would be happy to assist with making copies with the MX922. From what you are describing, your best option would be to use the Borderless option. If you are getting white borders or if part of the image is being cut off, it looks like the paper size or the magnification needs to be adjusted.


To assist further, I would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the information below, we can provide more specific trouble shooting steps.


1. What size is the original that is being placed on the glass and what size paper are you trying to copy it onto?

2. What type of paper are you trying to print on?

3. What size borders are you getting now when you try to make a copy?