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MG7700, MX992, etc not detecting wifi


I've had the same problem with the past 3 Canon printers I've owned. They used to make great equipment, and the print quality is wonderful, but that doesn't matter when they don't know how to make a printer that will detect wifi in less than a few hours. Without exadgeration, when I want to print something I have to power everything up, tell it to print, and go to sleep for the night. In the morning my pages will have printed. There is NO REASON WHY I SHOULD HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT DAY TO GET SOMETHING PRINTED. I don't remember what model the last printer was that I destroyed by tearing from my desk and throwing into the street, but currently I'm having this problem with an MG7700 and an MX992 that I bought to replace it because I foolishly thought you couldn't possibly have the same problem with all of your products.

I made this account just to tell you of your failings. If you can't find a way to remedy this problem I will tell every person I know never to buy one of your incredible failures of a product. I don't spend hundreds of dollars on equipment to have it not work.



Hi Musenda,


Let's start by checking your printer's connection to the wireless network.


You can print out the network details for the PIXMA MG7720 HERE, and for the MX922 HERE.


Much of the information will not be relevant, but the important things to look at are:

  1. Is the connection active or inactive?

  2. Does the SSID (network name) match the one the computer uses?

  3. What is the signal strength?

  4. What is the IPv4 IP address?

I look forward to your reply.