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Laptop could not find MX490 printer when laptop is wired to router


I noticed that when my laptop is connected to my home network wirelessly, the laptop finds my Canon MX490 printer and I'm able to print to it and scan documents. However, whenever I connect the network cable to my laptop so that my laptop is now on wired connection to the network, the laptop could not find the printer. I am confused why this is a problem. When I connect the network cable to the laptop, the laptop is still on the same network as the printer but the laptop's IP address changes.


I prefer to connect the laptop using the network cable because file transfer within my home network is so much faster. Does anyone have a solution for this issue?






Answering the following questions should help you determine the problem or issue.


What is the printer's IP address?


What is the Laptop's IP address when connected wirelessly?


What is the Laptop's IP address when it is connected via ethernet?

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Printer's IP address is


Laptop's IP when connected wirelessly is

Laptop's IP when connected via ethernet is


They are on the same network that's why I am confused why Laptop could not find the printer when I connect it via ethernet.



Make sure that you are not connecting to a VPN on the computer while attempting to use the printer on a network.


If the issue persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers on the PC once your computer is on the ethernet port.  Perform the following steps to uninstall the drivers:


1.  Click the Start Button and search for the Control Panel, then open the Control Panel.
2.  Open "Programs and Features", or "Uninstall a program".
3.  Uninstall the MX490 MP Drivers and the Canon IJ Network Tool if either of these are listed.  If these are not listed, move on to the next step.
4.  Go back to the Control Panel.
5.  Open Devices and Printers.
6.  Right-click and delete or remove any copies of the printer that are listed here.

7.  Restart the computer.


Once ther computer restarts, visit this link to download and install the latest MX490 series MP Drivers.


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