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If I remove a ink cartridge from a Canon IP2700 and refill with ink will the printer work or do you


IP2700 printer. Does one have to purchase a dedicated replacement cartridge or can I refill it.

Does it have a chip on it to prevent reusing?



Hi dmiddleton,


We don't recommend the use of inks manufactured by third parties in our printers, and cannot guarantee that they will work with our printers.  Our print head and inks work together as a precisely engineered system to support optimum image quality, print speed and reliability in higher resolution text and color printing applications. 


Should third-party ink tanks be used and do damage to the printer, this damage will not be covered under the product's limited warranty.  Any repairs required as a result of such damage will have to be out-of-pocket.


You can purchase Canon supplies and accessories for your PIXMA iP2700 at the Canon eStore here:


Hope this helps!

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I tried refills with my PIXMA MP620 but they clogged the colour heads. The refilling firm could not fix the problem. though I suspect all they were doing was setting up a head-cleaning routine several times, and maybe doing a manual clean. Every time I got it home it worked for a few pages, then one of the colours would fade out.

Canon branded inks cost more (they will claim it's only fair, they do the development, match ink to head etc., but they are not working on low, low margins, are they?) but it's the only way to be sure your printer works properly.

After a few abortive attempts with refills I went back to Canon, which cleared the clogging and gave the results I expected.

The lesson is, you get what you pay for. Cheap often comes with the tag, "and nasty".

I have suffered a lot from similiar problems but then I got an advice for refilling cartridges from a friend which really helped me .